Atılım Construction

Atılım Construction offers general contracting, design-build construction, construction management, procurement and various other associated services for your national or overseas projects.
Health and Safety

Atilim Construction meet the requirements in accordance with the law and regulations in order to assure the safety and health of its employees. We only employ people meeting the Standard requirements and offer insurance to our employees.

Qualıty management

Atilim Construction offers services meeting the quality requirements as quoted in the law and regulations and we strive to assure this. We offer services with zero deviation from the quality management system and we are adaptive to inherent the quality management systems of our partners and clients in order to be conformant with the plans or with the law and regulations quoted within the contracts.


Atilim Construction acts responsible for providing services in accordance with the standard requirements as quoted in the law and regulations. Also we develop strategies in our project management system meeting the clients’ expectations regarding environment friendly practices. We support the use of renewable enegry resources and we continuously follow new technologies and managements systems.


Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Atilim Construction offers general contracting, design-build construction and integrated construction and contracting services for both civil, industrial and government sectors. We have also the capacity to provide design-build construction services for the industrial manufacturers. Atilim Construction commited to providing quality services from the design-build and the procurement of all the materials in any project.

Atilim is a Professional company with experienced personel and adequate resources to deliver the projects from the smallest project to the most challenging projects. As a construction firm building up partnerships with trust over the years, we are capable to offer services in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern European countries. Furthermore Atilim Construction is capable of providing the design, construction performance and management in accordance with the standards.

Through a point of view from the business world, We believe that no project can be scaled as big or small. In this respect, we handle any proposal request carefully and we are striving for providing the best services to our clients. Forming the basis of our success upon the customer satisfaction is among the core values of our company, so we can perform projects as a subcontractor or contractor regardless of the scale and the status of the projects.

Our Professional team of engineers, managers and the personnel relentlessly works a robust construction machine to provide quality design and construction services to our clients. We only hire personnel who are dedicated to support our mission to provide quality services assuring the customer satisfaction and we never deviate from our objective to provide quality services.



We offer quality services as a subcontractor or the prime contractor in the general contracting works. In our general contracting plan, the design of the projects are normally provided by the client, however Atilim Construction has the capacity and resources to provide a full pack (design-build) construction service.

We offer an intergrated design-build construction service including the design, planning, bidding phase, construction and post-construction services regardless of the size of your projects. We are highly Professional in delivering projects in accordance with the set time and budget.

Atilim Construction supports your project with project planning and performance activities at each phase with a Professional team of engineers, architects and managers. We can provide a full construction management control over your contractor or manage your contract in accordance with the law and regulations.

By suppporting your project with our professional team of engineers and architects, we provide design and planning services at the project planning phase along with our technical and commercial bid proposal support.

Atilim Construction not only provides the design and construction of the exterior of your buildings, but also offers interior design and decoration support with our professional team.


Atilim Construction offers integrated construction and renovation solutions with subcontractor services including mechanical construction, rough works, civil works, electrical, electro-mechanical works and finishes. We have the resources and Professional personnel to renovate and maintain your existing building as well.


With our professional team of engineers and managers, Atilim Construction is capable of providing construction services in residential housing, transportation, government infrastructure, industrial, tourism and recreational markets, retail , healthcare, city planning projects, energy projects, renewable energy projects and various other market segments. Atilim Construction’s initial objective is to provide cost effective services while we are delivering and finishing the projects on time and budget.

Also we have a ideal to present the quality not only over the documents but also to the services and products we provide. On other hand, we give high importance to the health and safety of our personnel by providing the required trainings on time as it is done in most corporate entities. We do not operate personnel without insurance and we meet all the requirements set by the law and regulations for the health and safety of our personnel. We have always been the follower of the renewable energy technologies and use these resources while avoiding the activities which might be harmful to the sustainibility of the environment and we determine the methods of the activities in accordance with the law and regulations regarding the environment.

Atilim Construction has the capabilities to offer integrated engineering, procurement and construction services to perform huge projects. Also as a part of our integrated EPC services, we are capable of providing high quality services in large scale industrial, Petro-chemical projects and energy plant projects, and we are experienced to be adapt into the systems of our partners’ and clients’ systems.

Our clients are pretty satisfied with our Occupational Health-Safety and Environmental practices in the projects that we commence along with cost effective pricing options. Whether we perform a simple construction work, residential construction or even a large scale dam construction, we have a Professional team of engineers and architects who assure the services that we offer. And we have a promise to provide customer satisfaction at any condition.


Atilim Construction has the construction management and professional personnel to teams to provide design and construction of the structures and buildings to meet the demands of the healthcare sector. We have a team of architect-engineers who has solid experience in the construction hospital and medical facilities.


We are capable of providing design-build construction and construction management of the factory and manufacturing facility construction. We have the teams to commence all of the construction works including electro-mechanical works, civil works, electrical works, mechanical works, structural works, infrastructural works.


We have the management , personnel and resources to design-build the structures and facilities to be constructed to meet the demand of the public and government sectors and we have subcontractors and sister companies whenever it is required due to the scale of the projects. Atilim Construction offers services with a customer satisfaction point of view.


Atilim Construction offers design-build construction services of the structures and buildings required for the touristics purposes. We not only design-build the buildings, also we offer interior design and decoration services. We have the capabilities of management, personnel and other resources to meet the demands of this sector.


We offer cost-effective pricing options and on-time delivery of design-build construction services fort he building and business complex projects, including skyscrapers for business and commercial purposes . We design and construct your buildings meeting the budget and provide a design the offices and the layout in accordance with your marketing strategy.


We have always been the follower of new technologies for the transportation sector and we offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for your projects. With our environment-friendly management system, we pay attention to the environmental concerns such as the migration routes of the wild animals and the natural water resources in the design of the transportation structures. Additionally, we have adequate resources of construction machinery, professionals and the personnel to perform such projects.


In the recent years there is a great demand for the multiuse structures and versatile shopping centers in the metropolitan and suburban areas. Atilim Construction enstrengthens your power in marketing these structures by designing your structures and building cost-effectively and promising an on-time delivery to increase the trust of your investors to your company.


Atilim Construction has the capabilities and the right professionls to design-build construction or the renovation and maintenance of the structures for education purposes. We communicate with the professionals who have spend years in this sector when we design such type of strutures and we perform the design activities in accordance with the requirements of the objectives of the education.


Atilim Construction is the right source of design and construction services for the construction of the villas and the multi-family family housing structures in which you will spend the years to come. We have the sources and capabilites to provide services either in an individual project or a mass-housing project and we offer cost effective solutions to meet your budget for the construction of your next home or your mass-housing projects.